The Piano Express

The Piano Express program for beginning to early intermediate students (ages 6-14) combines cutting edge technology with tried and true teaching techniques to provide students with a unique learning experience. Classes meet weekly for 55 minutes. Our students learn to play the piano, but they feel like they are playing a game.  It’s fun, it’s challenging and it’s effective.  

Intermediate Group Class

For students who have completed all six levels of Piano Express, the 55 minute weekly Intermediate Group Class spends time working as a group on technique, theory, sight-reading and ensembles with additional time allocated to individual projects. Students learn how to memorize and prepare pieces for performance and effective practice techniques.

grand piano

Advanced Private Lessons

Advanced students may be accepted for private lessons 45 to 60 minutes long, once or twice a week. Students are required to practice at least 60 minutes every day. Lessons consist of advanced repertoire, theory and technique with an emphasis placed on good practice habits, public performance, and exploring repertoire. Students often wish to prepare solo recitals or enter additional competitions with teacher approval.


Preschool Piano

Children ages 4-6 learn to experience music in an age-appropriate way through song, dance, rhythm instruments and more. Class is 30 minutes once a week with a parent. Emphasis is placed on the piano as the instrument of choice as children learn the notes on the keyboard, become familiar with notation and learn to play the piano with fabulous technique and a listening ear. 


Adult Lessons

If you’ve always wanted to learn to play the piano or if you want to revisit the piano after a bit of a break, contact us! We’ll help you make an individual plan based on where you’re coming from, your availability and the music and skills  you want to learn. 

“Mrs. Bangerter is the perfectly supportive and demanding piano teacher! We have 3 children currently taking piano lessons at her studio. They come away from lessons each week smiling and with a boost to their self-confidence. They often share little jokes Ms. Allison used while teaching theory or technique. They love the group lessons and are motivated by learning with their peers or the friendly competitions Ms. Allison uses to boost weekly practice. We feel very fortunate to be part of her studio!”

– J.H.